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HIGHROC Science Conference (7-9 Nov. 2017)

The HIGHROC science conference will take place from 7 to 9 November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The conference objective is to gather the international community to deal with latest progresses in processing and analyzing ocean colour remote sensing images with the final objective to improve coastal water monitoring.

A large variety of ocean colour space borne data (e.g. Sentinel2/MSI, Sentinel3/OLCI, Landsat8/OLI, MODIS, VIIRS, MSG/SEVIRI) is currently available and has potential applications in coastal waters. HIGHROC scientific conference aims to share progresses and dealt with challenges relative to the exploitation of these data. It implies image processing and algorithm development for atmospheric correction but also water quality parameters (e.g. chlorophyll concentration, suspended particulate matter, turbidity). In situ measurements and validation issues will be also dealt with. To meet the high spatio-temporal resolution requirements of coastal regions, contributions involving sensors with high spatial resolution such as Landsat8/OLI or sentinel2/MSI and high temporal resolution (e.g. geostationary sensors) are largely encouraged in addition to ocean colour dedicated sensors.

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Scientific committee

  • Kevin Ruddick (RBINS, Belgium)
  • Véronique Creach (CEFAS, UK)
  • David Doxaran (LOV, France)
  • Rodney Forster (UHULL, UK)
  • Els Knaeps (VITO, Belgium)
  • Héloïse Lavigne (RBINS, Belgium)
  • Carole Lebreton (Brockmann Consult, Germany)
  • Kai Sorensen (NIVA, Norway)
  • Aida Alvera Azcarate (ULG, Belgium)
  • Vittorio Brando (CNR, Italy)
  • Ana Dogliotti (IAFE, Argentina)
  • Marieke Eleveld (DELTARES, Netherlands)
  • Tiit Kutser (University of Tartu, Estonia)
  • Ewa Kwiatkowska (EUMETSAT, Germany)
  • Constant Mazeran (SOLVO, France)
  • Fabrizio Niro (ESA-ESRIN, Italy)
  • Young-Je Park (KIOST, Korea)
  • François Steinmetz (HYGEOS, France)

Local organisation committee

Local Organisation committee:

  • Kelle Moreau
  • Kevin Ruddick
  • Héloïse Lavigne
  • Yolande Maes
  • Angélique Berhault


The detailed program is not available yet. The foreseen sessions are:

1. New satellite sensors and algorithms

This session groups presentations on algorithm developments for new parameters or new sensors (e.g. high spatial resolution, geostationary sensor) and on multi-mission algorithms.

2. In situ measurements and validation

As validation of ocean colour products is a very important task that is sometimes hindered by the quality and quantity of in situ / satellite matchups, contributions presenting in situ protocols, new instruments or platforms or any original kind of validation exercise are welcomed in this session.

3. Image processing

Under this session all contributions related to image processing and associated issues (mass processing, visualization, multi-mission) are encouraged.

4. Other aspects of satellite based coastal water applications

Presentations on any other aspect of satellite based coastal water applications are welcome and will be combined in this session.

Registration and abstract submission

Registration deadline is 15th of September 2017.

Registration is free of charge.

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Venue and practical informations

Conference will held in Brussels city center from 7th November 2017, 9am to 9th November 2017 4pm. Additional details will be provided soon.