HIGHROC User Workshop (9-10 Oct. 2017)

12 April 2017

The HIGHROC project is now in its fourth and final year. New and improved products combining high spatial and high temporal satellite observations with the more typical medium resolution ocean colour sensors have been developed and internally tested within the team. These products and the services offered by HIGHROC have been also tested by selected users during the Service Trials. This workshop is an opportunity to showcase real usage of the HIGHROC products and to offer a chance for users to interact with each other and the HIGHROC partners. There will be time to discuss recent results, share validation or observation methods and ideas, as well as look to the future, with the recent and planned launches of the Sentinel series.

The workshop will be held at the centrally located Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency in Hamburg on the 9-10th October 2017. It will give a chance for users to show their progress with the HIGHROC products. This workshop is dedicated to remote sensing users and those interested in the thematic, satellite data and in-situ data providers.